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  • We build custom handbooks for our customers

  • Do a Review of the Equipment Maintenance Files

  • Do a Review of Mechanics, Certifications and Files

  • Do a Review of the Licenses and Permits (IFTA stickers, US DOT numbers, IRP plates)

  • Check Current Safety Stat score

  • Update Current US DOT Number

  • Check for Last Drivers Safety Meeting

  • Check for accident register and any current accident files

  • Check Drivers Daily Inspection Reports

  • Check Drivers Hours of Service Records

  • Check Insurance File for MCS 150 Form

  • Check 2290 Federal Hwy use tax form

  • Check for UCR File

  • Check for drivers qualification files

  • Check Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

  • Check if any Hazmat Requirements are needed

  • Review All Medical Examinations

  • Review all driver applications for errors or omissions

  • Check truck for annual inspections

  • Check trucks and driver files for federal motor carrier Association handbooks

  • Request drivers license check on all drivers

  • Is there a maintenance file for each vehicle?

  • How many pieces of the equipment are there?

  • Do they all have the annual inspections stickers on them?

  • How many need annual inspections?

  • Do the mechanics that work on the equipment have certifications in their employment files? How many are there?

  • Is there a copy of the registration for each vehicle in its file?

  • Our the vehicles plated, and permitted correctly?

  • Do all those vehicles have the right markings on them?

  • What is the current US DOT number? Is there more than one?

  • Is there a PUCO number?

  • Do they have complete driver qualification files? Are they Confidentially?

  • How many drivers, do they have?

  • How current are the MVR’s on these drivers?

  • Do they have safety meetings? When was the last one? Do they show any training films to their drivers? Do they have a written training manual?

  • Do they have a current MCS 150 form on file?

  • Do they have daily inspection report forms for each vehicle? How often are the files cleaned out? Only need to retain last 90 days.

  • Do they have daily hours of service records on each driver?

  • What is their current drug and alcohol testing program?

  • Where is it performed at? Where are the records kept?

  • Do they transport any hazmat materials?

  • Do they have an accident register?

  • Have they had any accidents in the last three years? Are there individual files on each accident?

  • How often are safety reviews done on drivers? Are they documented in their files?

  • Are there cameras in all company vehicles?

  • How do they record mileage in other states?

  • Get list of all different vehicle types.

What qualifies us to perform the duties required in this business?

With 39 years of transportation experience and having won many awards for Small Business of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year plus the actual experience of running a wide variety of companies, I have gained a vast knowledge of this industry and how it works. We have written many of our own guidelines, handbooks, driver safety meetings and compliance guidelines.

What services does Tri-state Transportation Consulting, Inc. Provide?

We provide a wide variety of services rarely found in any one firm. We do strategic business planning to help companies clearly understand where they are headed and how to get there. We do compliance reviews and safety compliance reviews to prepare companies for audits. We can also prepare you for an accident investigation. We conduct DOT approved Driver safety meetings, write company specific handbooks for all your employees and offer complete out-sourcing for small companies of their safety and compliance departments.

Why do we feel we are better than other companies at this?

With the years of experience that we have acquired in numerous companies, we have a distinct advantage over other consulting companies because of our hands-on approach. After trying many different things throughout the years we have found what works the best for drivers, employees and management to understand their own businesses.

What is the main purpose for our consulting business?

Safety! In one word that is it. I want my customers to have the safest drivers, equipment and know-how to manage their transportation businesses. With all the new rules that are coming out, it takes someone to be on top of this all of the time. We pride ourselves in staying on top of what is going on in the transportation world and knowing the people that are making the rules and regulations. By staying on top of the latest developments your company can have the benefits of a seasoned safety and compliance department without the expense of trying to have someone on your staff keep up with it. By having an overall view of the transportation, brokerage, warehouse and assembly business and the management skills that go along with strategic business planning, job descriptions, and handbook regulations, we can offer in a single source what you would have to get from multiple companies. This would cost you much more.

How expensive is your service to a customer?

Because of the wide range of needs, I do not give any company a standard rate sheet. After interviewing your company officials & deciding what your company needs are, we give you a breakdown of what we think it will cost to perform the services for your specific operation. Until I know and understand what all your companies needs are, I cannot give you an exact cost. Instead of working on a per driver basis, we bill on a hourly rate which is separated by the work we can do off-site and the work that requires us to be on-site. Our basic contract starts out with a $500 retainer, which is worked off against the hours billed and from that point forward we bill for just what work we do. In comparison to most consulting firms that I have used in the past, we are well under their rate, but provide a customized solution to your needs.

How can you save my company money?

This is really what it's all about isn't it? If I cannot provide you a financial savings from your current condition, then I am of no value for your company. How can I save you real Money? First off - in most cases - you can eliminate a full-time safety and compliance person. You do not have to stay current on all the new rules and regulations, but we will bring them to you and implement them as needed. We will handle all of your new hire driver qualification files and keep your old files up to date. Due to our relationship with suppliers I can pass on savings in your required paperwork such as; logbooks, driver vehicle inspection reports, driver qualification files and maintenance files. We have our own qualified inspectors that can perform your annual inspections at a much reduced cost. We will maintain a computerized record that will notify you 30 days in advance of any required action on your part - such as; license plates, inspections, random drug tests, alcohol tests, drivers medical cards and CDL licenses. Under the new CSA rules, it is imperative to monitor all inspections and tickets issued to your company or drivers, as all of them are reflected in your score. We monitor them and fight to overturn any that are deemed questionable and keep you up to date on how your drivers are doing. In essence, we would be the Safety Dept. for your company. Handling all compliance issues, driver issues, paperwork related to disciplinary action issues and give you a monthly report of where your company stands status - wise with the FMCSA. By having the discounts in place, the personnel in place & the knowledge at hand, we can save you a lot of money, rather than doing this on your own. In addition, if your company chooses to take advantage of our other programs, such as strategic business planning, written job descriptions & employee training, you can save an additional amount of money. We will already have the knowledge of how your business runs to bring your current or new employees up to productivity quickly.

What are the downsides? Most consulting companies are afraid to answer this question.

Any time that I have outsourced any part of my business, I have found there to be a lack of control. Personally, I would consider this the biggest downside. In addition, if you choose the wrong consultant to partner with, they can lead you in the wrong direction, bill you for many unnecessary hours and turn your employees against one another. Remember what I said earlier was my main goal? Safety. It's easy to say but hard to achieve. I have a love for this industry and since I cannot participate because of my condition, I want to try and help other companies to achieve the same high standards that I set for my companies. There is risk whenever you allow someone else into an area of your business. On the other hand, why do we hire CPA's, and Attorneys? Because we know we cannot keep up with all of the tax rules or legal rules that are ever-changing. I believe that small companies do not have the resources or manpower to stay up with the rules that are currently changing in the transportation field. Therefore, you are in the same position as hiring a CPA or an Attorney.

In closing & as a sales pitch... I can add one more convincing argument on why we are better than most other consultants out there. We Are Here! It doesn't sound like much until you need something done quickly. It then becomes paramount. As you can tell by my company's name - we are not trying to be consultants for the entire United States. We want to focus on companies in the Tri-State Area and give them exceptional service-when they need it the most. That I can assure you we do the best. We know and understand this, local market, this local driver pool, and these local compliance regulations. Having worked with Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan authorities for almost 40 years, I know what they are looking for when they come to do an audit. In the same way, having worked for the attorneys as a expert witness on transportation related cases, I know what they are looking for if they come after a company for that reason. Having had many employees and dealing with the State & Local Agencies, I understand how to deal with them on personnel issues. That is why Tri-state Transportation Consulting, Inc. is the right company for you.

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